{Buying The Ticket}

Early in our baseball career, I traveled by car everywhere; the budget didn’t allow anything else. Later with three little kids, it was cheaper to drive even though some of the distances required an overnight stay. When travel became longer distances, I got smart and created a travel budget. Whatever I could fit into the budget was where we would go with the hubby. There are lots of options to visit in the six months of 162 baseball games with only half being at home. I feel that I have a Ph.D. in planning and packing. To be able to fit the cities I wanted to visit in the budget that was thin as straw I had to learn how to find cheaper flights. When I say cheap, I don’t mean bare-bottom prices. Many of these have too many packed on fees and uncomfortable travel to be worthwhile. Planning a trip can be just the beginning of angst. If not planned well then the number of possible variables are unending.

I have learned some incredible lessons about booking travel that decreases my worries. In planning the airline ticket is not the only piece to the puzzle. There are all sorts of advice about when to buy a ticket, what sites to search when to fly.

Here are 5 tips on buying an airline ticket.

  1. Search on a major travel site to find the options of airlines, ticket price and time that is cheapest to fly. The cheaper flights usually are early morning and multiple stops. Decide what is more important. Also, some of the cheaper options are lacking in legroom and luggage options.
  2. Once you find the best airline for your trip, go directly to the airline site. Usually, I find it a little cheaper there. I have also experienced seeing travelers who have booked on third-party sites and arrived at the airport to find no reservation in the airline system.
  3. Once you have decided on the flight best for your travel, book it. Depending on the price of the flight and the airlines’ return policy, you should consider the travel insurance.
  4. Once confirmed, save the confirmation email in a folder for later reference. Also, get the airlines App. It is much easier to access on your phone.
  5. Then put it on your calendar. There have been a couple of times I’ve not done this and double booked. That does not save money!

It’s just that easy! No stress required.

I hope these tips help. They are not the answer to all travel situations but are a beginning guide to help you find the perfect flights for you.

What have you found helpful in booking airline tickets? What are some other tips that you find helpful? Please leave a comment!


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