Today is the Home Opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is the 16th time my husband has been a coach on the Major League Baseball stage. In our 31 years of professional baseball, we have had many experiences good and bad.

Each experience has been a life lesson over the years. The one thing I remind my husband, and myself, is to HAVE FUN.

When my boys were playing little league I had parents ask what was the most important piece of advice my husband would give to our children. I’d answer, “Have fun!” They would often respond with a chuckle confirming to themselves that I had NO idea what I was talking about. Their response would be close to; “You don’t get your kid to the Major Leagues by having fun. It takes practice.”

It does take practice. But why should it be agonizing practice? What do they say before each game? Do they say “Practice Ball”, “Work Ball”, “Pain Ball”? No…they say PLAY BALL!!!

Have fun people. God gave us life to live to the full and we as a baseball family intend to do just that!


Thanks to Clint Hurdle for…


Today you’ll dig in the closet for your glove and snap a ball into it while sipping your morning coffee.
Today you’ll drive to work and admonish yourself to “keep your head down” and your eye on the road.
Today your team will be in first and planning to stay there.
Today you’ll wonder about developing and selling tobacco-flavored toothpaste, as you spit into the sink.
Today you’ll still be able to turn the double play.
Today you’ll end your contract holdout.
Today you won’t lose a business deal in the sun.
Today you’ll find yourself rotating your arm around your head to stretch the shoulder and keep it loose.
Today sunflower seeds strangely find their way into your back pocket.
Today you’ll think of wearing a black suit to match the eye black.
Today you’ll have the steal sign.
Today you slip up in a meeting and mention “our sales team vs. lefties.”
Today as the toast comes out of the toaster, you’ll still remember how to execute a perfect “pop-up” slide.
Today a hot dog and peanuts for lunch will sound about right.
Today you tell a co-worker to “get loose.”
Today the only strike you’ll know about is above the knees and below the armpits.
Today you’ll wear your jacket only on your pitching arm.
Today you’ll buy two packs of gum and stuff them in the side of your mouth to look like a player.
Today, during lunch, you’ll wonder why Coke doesn’t come in a wood can.
Today you’ll scratch yourself and spit for no apparent reason.
Today you’ll wonder why stirrup socks never caught on as a fashion rage.
Today you’ll be the rookie looking to make it big.
Today you’ll be the wily vet with just a little something left.
Today you’ll look for the AM dial on your radio.
Today mom’s watching.
Today dad’s in the backyard with his glove.
Today will be hopeful.
Today it’ll still be a kids’ game.
Today you’ll be a kid.

Today is Opening Day.

– Author Unknown