Mother’s Day brings different emotions to each of us according to our experiences.

Some never had a mother.

Many have lost a mother too young.

Others have a mother but no loving relationship.

And those who have been abused by their mothers.

I pray for each of you.

I pray God touches your heart with an abundant love that flows from our almighty God, not your experiences and emotions.

I pray that the abundance of God’s love wraps his almighty arms around you and makes you feel secure, wanted, loved, protected, peaceful and joyful.

I am blessed beyond measure to be the mother of three amazing young men. I am also blessed to have had the honor of mothering foster children. My heart is full of love for all the boys and girls who are friends of my boys, and I’ve had the privilege to love with Christ-like love. And then there are my baseball girls!

No matter our circumstances have been hard or full of loving, caring mothers, as believers in a mighty God we have his love.

Let’s share Christ’s love throughout the year no matter our circumstances or experiences, being thankful for the love God shows us and the abundant overflow we have to pour out to others.

Throw love around like confetti!

  1. Love like Jesus, without wanting anything in return or passing judgment.
  2. Speak positive and encouraging statements to yourself and others.
  3. Be purposeful in learning more about the personal side of someone.
  4. Serve in your community.

Thank you for being you!

Mom, Wife, Leader, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Superwoman for Jesus!