When we were first together, my husband would get irritated with me when I asked, “What are you thinking?” He replied, “nothing,” every time. He didn’t get irritated with the question, but my reaction to his response.

“What do you mean you are thinking of nothing? Can you even do that?” My mind never shuts down, much like my talking. I am constantly thinking, debating, questioning, answering, wondering, learning, negating. Always on. Always thinking. The concept of thinking about nothing doesn’t exist in my world. Change had to happen. I had to learn to think of nothing, to work on ‘not thinking.’

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth,” (Psalm 46:10). In Psalm 46, we read about the power and security of God. The Psalmist is living in a time of Pagan war and reminding all of the almighty God who is in control.

Being still took work for me. Ironic, I was thinking about not thinking. I knew I had to learn to be still in my thoughts. I read about meditation, and some strange concepts on enlightenment, not the still God wanted. It would take discipline and new habits to be still in my spirit so I could hear God speak. Each of us may execute this differently.

I closed my eyes and called his name. Jesus. Each time a thought of something would peek through I would say his name. Jesus. I set a timer for five minutes to sit in his presence. Jesus. It took practice, but over time I learned to be still. The more disciplined I became, the easier it was to be still amongst the chaos of driving, travelling, people around me, noise. Jesus. As you know I am a slow learner of discipline; I have to remind myself each day to focus on being still. A scheduled discipline becomes a spiritual blessing.

When our thoughts are stilled and surrendered to God, we find peace. Even though the earth gives way, the mountains fall into the sea, nations are in uproar and kingdoms fall the Lord Almighty is with us.

What is a Christian discipline you use to draw closer to God?

How do you depend on God alone?

When can we trust more in the faithfulness of God?