Yesterday, my first book, Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More, was released. Writing a book wasn’t a dream I’ve had for my entire life. It was a dream formed over the time of digging deeper, building an impactful relationship with Jesus.

This journey has taught me many things, but the one I continue to carry most tightly is that I am living my life according to His power, not my own. When I shared the story of this entire adventure with one of my sons, he asked how it has changed me and if it had changed my beliefs. I sat deep in thought because I didn’t think the foundation of my belief was different, but I was definitely clinging to it with more conviction. I want my life to leave a legacy of what I believe.

Our conversation turned to an obituary I had recently read online. It was a hilarious account of the man’s life and his legacy. The discussion took a sharp turn when my son asked what I wanted my obituary to read. He intently listened as I said; “She slid headfirst into heaven with dust flying around her.” I meant it. He suggested that since I was a writer, I needed to pen it, and he would read the missive aloud.

I want to live life healthy, robust, dynamic, lively, active, spirited, and to the fullest. When I get to heaven, I want to see Jesus smile ear-to-ear as the dust settles after my slide. I want Him to say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I have been a spiritual traveler through this transformational process. As I began traversing the process of resolving the answer to the question my pastor asked, I couldn’t comprehend what an adventure it would be. The route was not straight and narrow with well-lit pathways, answers revealed at every stage, and the meaning of my life written on stone tablets. The expedition including digging and uprooting, flying and crashing, smiling and crying while not getting complete answers but a deeper connection with my Savior.

Thank you to every one of you. The journey of releasing this book to the world has been better because I have shared it with you.

My challenge to you, What will your legacy be? Forget about what has happened in the past, the failures, disappointments, and hurts. Cling to the here and now. What is the one thing you can do today to begin living the legacy you want to leave? Begin with What is God doing in and through you?

Please share with us what legacy you want to leave behind!

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