After a renowned speaker had completed her talk, my friends and I discussed a feeling deep in our spirits, agreeing we all wanted what she had. We wanted the presence she had on the stage. The way she held the audience captive was fascinating. She presented God’s Word in a way that inflated our spirit and faith. Her presentation was smooth and intriguing, building desires in each woman present to serve God in a whole new way. As my friends and I approached her, we overheard another woman express the exact thoughts we discussed at our table. The speaker’s response deflated our hopes like a slowly leaking balloon.

She said God made us all individuals who would be called to do the specific thing God had called us to do. She went on to say it might be speaking on a large stage in front of thousands of women, but we needed to start where God had us at that moment, embracing the opportunities He had for us then and there.

I don’t think any of us wanted to start where we were—at home with little kids and no time to create anything new. We all had a burning desire to serve in a grand way. We wanted what she had, and we wanted it right then. (I told you, I am a work in progress.)

I had no tangible platform. I was a stay-at-home mom. The majority of my time was busy with kids’ activities. I was too busy to be reaching out to others. These were some of the thoughts I had. Over time I have heard these and more excuses in different seasons of others’ lives. We have a platform because we are children of God, not because of any performance-based popularity.

God gives us all a platform, an area where He places us to show His glory through us. Our unique platform is to be used to display all of God’s glory, revealing what He desires to do through us.

Use what God has given you, where he has placed you. You have influence right where you are in life. Are you having trouble seeing where God can use you? Comment below and let’s discuss it!

#makingroombook Chapter 8