“Being aware of opportunities God presents helps determine our daily mission. Remember my desire to serve overseas? No matter how many organizations I run after or push my way into, I have never been able to schedule a trip. Family commitments, scheduling conflicts, money issues, and all sorts of things come in the way of my being able to fulfill my desire.

During my marriage and mommy duties, I begged the Lord to provide a way for me to serve overseas. I had a stirring in my spirit. I was called to serve at home. My response to God, “I serve at home every day. What do you mean, ‘serve at home’?” Air quotation marks and all, I mocked God by asking what He meant. Doors continued to close, and I served at home with my boys, my husband, foster kids, with baseball wives, and with other organizations that do great things in our community. I still yearned to serve abroad. I told you I am a slow learner. And I make God laugh a lot.

During this journey of seeking the immeasurably more God desires to do through me, it became very apparent the direction God did not want me to go. I don’t know why and don’t know if no is a forever answer, but I know He has not provided the opportunity for me yet.”

Making Room, Chapter 8: Living On Mission.

I read this section of my book and have a huge smile. For many years God shut doors of opportunity for me to serve abroad. I continually asked, When do I get to go?

Just a couple of weeks after I submitted my finished manuscript to the editor another opportunity to serve arose. I thought this would be another trip that would not come together. I didn’t step away from it but pursued it even though I didn’t believe God would allow me to go. In June 2017, I went on my first mission trip. I went to Haiti to serve with a group providing support to Haitian orphans during a summer camp.

As the trip came closer and nothing was standing in the way, I was genuinely shocked. Why now? Why not before?

God reveals things in the timeliest way. I want to make an impact for God’s kingdom; according to His Will not my own. It has to happen in His time.

When God doesn’t open doors, to where you yearn to serve, it is very frustrating and disappointing. We know what we want to do but don’t understand why God won’t open the opportunities.

We can get in God’s way trying to figure it all out.

Making lists.

Tackling tasks.

Striving to succeed.

We can lose sight of His guidance by looking too far ahead or where He doesn’t want us to go, yet.

When we find our purpose in life—serving God—we use the resources He has given us to find direction to step out in faith.

Our mission is tied to Jesus’ mission, “Again Jesus said, ‘Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you’” (John 20:21).

Jesus commanded us to go and do as He has done in His power and peace. But, in His timing. When do I get to go? We get to go when He releases us in His timing, in His plan.

My journey of serving Jesus started with a desire of my heart. In my journey of finding what God wanted to do in and through me, I began to search for the desires of God’s heart. Making room for the Holy Spirit to roam in our spirits allows a deeper connection with Jesus. We hear His guidance when we are more connected to Him.

My trip to Haiti last year was extremely rewarding. This year, God opened the door again for me to travel to Haiti. This time, my husband was able to join me. What a blessing to serve God together.

Step out in faith, believing God will lead, guide, and direct you. Look for others around you and listen to their stories. Encourage them while presenting God’s love through you. And who knows (God does), maybe a door will open to where you are supposed to serve.

What place is the dream of your heart to serve? Has God opened those doors for you? Share your story of serving in the mission field where he has placed you!