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A Seal Over My Heart

On May 19th I got up at 5:30 am to enjoy the Royal Wedding. My husband and my boys were confused as to why I would waste my time watching a wedding of people I don’t know. I have only one reason. No, it isn’t because it is everything Royal nor is it for the famous...

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Throw Love Around Like Confetti

Mother’s Day brings different emotions to each of us according to our experiences. Some never had a mother. Many have lost a mother too young. Others have a mother but no loving relationship. And those who have been abused by their mothers. I pray for each of you. I...

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3 Steps To Understanding The Bible Better

  In the past couple of weeks, I wrote 5 Steps To Reading The Bible and Why Do I Need To Read The Bible. I pray you have found a version you enjoy reading, you have opened the pages and you have begun a habit of setting a timer and reading. This week I want to go...

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Why Do I Need To Read The Bible?

I grew up going to church, listening intently to the sermons each Sunday. I thought I was doing pretty good. Lessons learned on Sunday were quickly forgotten on Monday. It wasn’t an everyday practice in my family, nor my church to read the Bible for further learning....

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5 Steps To Reading The Bible

The first time I opened a Bible to read it was when I gave my life to Christ in high school, and two of my friends gave me a shiny black Bible to help me grow in my Christian life. I was so excited. That was until I opened the gold-rimmed pages and the words made...

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Reawakened Faith

Why am I so spiritually depleted even though I ‘wrote the book’? I wrote a book about making room for Jesus in our lives. The subtitle has drawn many people to the pages hoping to do less so God can do more. Yet, during the book launch and all the tasks that came with...

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Redefining Success

Success can be defined in any number of ways. For each of you reading this post there may be many different definitions. If your answer is based on the opinion of others or things outside of yourself, your happiness and fulfillment will be at the mercy of luck or...

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The Spirit Of The Home Opener

  Today is the Home Opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is the 16th time my husband has been a coach on the Major League Baseball stage. In our 31 years of professional baseball, we have had many experiences good and bad. Each experience has been a life...

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Where We Belong

“I don’t feel like I belong here.” These were words spoken by my new friend. We had just met at a writer’s conference, and she verbalized the emotions of many writers attending. I was experiencing the same feelings, but I couldn’t let them take hold. We had to know we...

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People Pleaser Until I’m NOT

I am a people pleaser until I am not. The first season my husband was a coach in Major League baseball, I didn’t feel I fit in very well. I didn’t have the designer bag, the fashionable heels, the large diamond ring, or the fancy car. I was a struggling mom trying to...

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